Get to know Sara

Saraswathy Mathevan

I’m a software engineer working in IT for 6 long years ( not sure how did i get there), found the love of my life at college 10 years ago, happily married for the past two years, settled at Bangalore – though I truly belong to Chennai (where I grew up – missing Chennai!) and last but not the least searching for the meaning of my life… (still searching)

So That’s where I thought to start this Blog!

I’m also a Jovial person, will sit and cry for all those Rom-com movies -type, appreciate Nature as it is, will give free Advice to people-the caring type and also the bossy type, Sound party in the gang , bold and wild , will do anything to keep loved ones happy ,  love to drive on greeny drizzling road, love my Dad , Inhale music to heart -type, Enjoy little things in life and admire !

(So i will stop here….. for a good cause as I’m also a Chatter Box – type :D)

Always High on Food :* !

That’s it about me 🙂

Oops.. forgot this one…Love music and I’m trained classical singer !

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  1. Lalitha says:

    Awesome start Saraz😍😍😍
    I just love your preparation🤗
    This blog will be very helpful for me 😉 and yeah, ofcourse for many people who loves food-like me 😉

    About Saraz: Darling friend of mine from childhood. Very caring person and would do anything for her friends😊❤️ Foodie.. Her preparation will be Awww..

    Everyone please follow her blog for interesting and mouth watering recepies 😊


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