Veg Kolhapuri

Hey All,

It’s been a busy week and couldn’t blog much….😌

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It’s a spicy gravy and I would recommend to reduce spice level if you’re going to prepare for kids.

Pictures by steps:


Serves 2-3

Secret ingredient required:

1) Coriander seeds 2tsp

2) Black sesame 2tsp

3) Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon

4) 1/4 cup coconut pieces

5) Poppy seeds 2tsp

6) Red Chilles ( kasmiri normal mixed)

7) veggies –
Boil :carrots beans potatoes culiflower

Saute: tomato onion capsicum Green chilles

8) Milk 1/4 cup

9) Garam masala 1tsp

10) Hing

11) Salt to taste

12) cream milk or curd 1/4 cup

13) cashews 2nos

Precooking measures:

1) Cut the veggies thin long slices

2) Boil veggies + salt (carrots, beans, cauliflower, potatoes) and drain the broth for further use as it’s good for health.


1) Saute the above ingredients 1-6 at low flame till aroma comes and grind it coarse

2) grind it coarse with cashews

3) Saute the veggies _ onion tomato capsicum with some Salt in pan with oil.

Now add the ground powder + boiled veggies too.

3) Add milk + Garam masala+ veggies broth

4)Add some cream milk or curd

Try it out with:

Hot Garam Chapties 😛

For the love of food


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