Prawn thokku (Restaurant style)

Hi Guys,

This post is for die hard Prawn/Eral fans. It will be close to restaurant style and try it out to surprise your family members as this dish never disappoints you. Also, It has few extra procedures to follow, but believe me, it’s quite worth it as the final taste and flavors turns out to be sooo good 😋


Some people have aversion towards prawn(pity them).. Prepare it yourself and eat. 😉

Pictures by steps:

Serves: Serves 2 people.

Secret ingredient required:

Onions, tomato -1 each big sized, ginger garlic 1tsp, green chillies 2, Curry leaves, Coconut 4tsp, sombhu/ fennel seeds 2tsp, coconut oil ,1tsp of chilli powder- garam masala powder -salt to taste – pepper powder , coriander leaves, spices for tempering and finally fresh cleaned prawns…. !! 1 cup.

Precooking measures:

  • Clean the prawns with lemon and turmeric powder and marinate in it.
  • Grind coconut + fennel seeds without adding water and keep it ready.
  • Cut all veggies in cubes and grind ginger garlic paste and keep it ready to saute


1) At pan grease coconut oil and temper the spices like cinnoman, Patta , lavang, green chillies, Curry leaves, Onions – saute.

2) Add ginger garlic paste

3) And then the tomatoes plus coconut fennel paste

3) Saute.. Saute… Saute till oil oozes out and switch of the flame. Wait, that’s not it. Grind it to a semi coarse paste and keep aside.

4) Now here comes our main item.. prawn.. here is a trick to negate the raw smell out of prawn is saute for a while (3-4min) in plain oil (not too much, otherwise it might become hard to chew)

5) Add the powder – red chilli, garam masala, salt, ground paste from step 4 – saute

6)Add 1cup water and allow the prawns to get cooked in low flame for 5to 8 min then saute till the oil oozes out and

7) Add pepper powder finally and garnish with curry and coriander leaves

Try it out with: Hot steamy white rice, and Chapati, Dosa

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For the love of FoO:D


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