My First Blog!

Hi All!

Woof!! What a nice feel to own and write a blog for yourself..

That too penning down what I speak inside my head to all you people out there- is great thing I believe !!

Alert! Grammar and spell check conscious people at Bay 😛 As I don’t care in all those!!!

Okay..To the Point…!

I’m not much of a blogger type, but I wanted to start this for a long time as I’m passionate about cooking since long long time ago…! and also I wanted to share my recipes which I have tried at home ( not the usual types which our mom makes as routine) but something new and healthy and share it to the world!

So wanna know what brought me here?

I had been always passionate about cooking.

I believe “People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia child

And I would love to cook for others as the real happiness lies in hearing good feedback from them – that our dish came out well, when they have their first bite! (I hope they really mean it ! 😛 )

Indian Food –  Oh!! the colors, flavors and spices – all speaks for itself – when you cook and also tell neighbors about what you cook too 😛 E.g. BIRIYANI… (note: I’m die hard biriyani lover…. and I mean it!!! will eat it till i choke on it)

I will be posting many dishes which I have already experimented on my family (lol) no worries.. would paste good ones here… I also have much higher plans with respect to Food and ….. (sshhh!! shut up – to my mind voice) which you may come to know in near future!

So Welcome to FoodHigh! and I’m sure you will be “High on Food” after trying out my recipes.


See you at my first recipe box!

For the love of Food

~SaRaS (-hey look its a Palindrome!)

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  1. Praveen Ramkumar says:

    Good luck..


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